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AKC CH ptd. Rockycreek's Skittles WC CGCA VHMA ATT TKI

Birthday: August 1, 2019

Skittles is a very special girl with a heart of gold! She is an easy-going, calm dog that loves adventuring with her people and cuddling through the night. She is friendly with everyone and everything she meets and is always well-behaved. You can take her anywhere! At home, she is a big lover of puppies and her doggy friends. She is easy to train and highly intelligent. Skittles is one of our most trusted adults with little puppies as she is incredibly gentle with them. Skittles is naturally good off-leash, she likes to hang close to her people and never strays far. She is one of the sweetest and most affectionate dogs we have ever met. She is quiet and calm in the house. Skittles is retired and is now a full-time couch potato, puppy auntie, and adventure buddy. We love having this sweet girl in our home.

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