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De Soleil's Bright Pledge

Birthday: May 10, 2019

Kiara is a happy-go-lucky girl that is always down for any adventure. She loves retrieving and carrying things in her mouth. In fact, Kiara's go-to greeting for every dog and person she meets is to bring them a toy. Though she can be a party animal when playing with her friends outside, Kiara has a wonderful off-switch in the house and loves sitting on the couch with her people. Kiara's favorite trick is "paw" though no one has explicitly taught it to her... she's just a fan of holding hands whenever possible. This happy girl always has a smile on her face and definitely keeps one on ours! Kiara comes to us from De Soleil Labradors and is co-owned with Kathy Mines of Rockycreek Labradors.

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